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🌐🚀 DIREKTION joins CMINE Responder Technology Cluster for Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation!

We are thrilled to announce that DIREKTION has officially joined the CMINE Responder Technology Cluster (RTC) as a member project! 🚀

The Responder Technology Cluster aims to foster closer cooperation among various Horizon 2020 and HE projects, including DIREKTION, NIGHTINGALE (& INGENIOUS), RESCUER, MED1stMR, TeamAware, PathoCERT, INTREPID, Search & Rescue, and RESPOND-A.

Hosted on the CMINE platform and endorsed by the European Research Executive Agency REA, the RTC provides a dynamic space for project teams to collaborate, share insights, and amplify the impact of their research and innovation efforts.

As a member of the RTC, DIREKTION will benefit from a range of activities designed to facilitate knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and joint initiatives. This includes participating in workshops, seminars, conferences, and other events, as well as engaging in trials, simulations, and crisis management exercises organized within the cluster.

Furthermore, regular virtual meetings of the Cluster Coordination Team and the entire cluster will provide valuable opportunities to discuss experiences, plan activities, and identify collaboration opportunities.

We're excited to embark on this collaborative journey with our fellow projects in the CMINE Responder Technology Cluster, and we look forward to leveraging our collective expertise to advance disaster resilience and innovation in Europe and beyond!

Stay tuned for updates on our progress within the RTC. 🌐💼


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