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🤝 Meet the DIREKTION Consortium: Experts Uniting for Disaster Resilience

At the heart of the DIREKTION project is a consortium of 16 partners, each bringing unique expertise and dedication to the cause of disaster resilience. Together, we are committed to making Europe safer and better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our consortium includes renowned organizations like CTIF, FEU, and many others, representing a diverse range of skills, experiences, and perspectives. With the collaboration of firefighters, rescuers, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers, we are poised to drive innovation in disaster resilience.

Get to know our consortium members and the vital roles they play in this transformative project. Stay tuned for updates as we work together to strengthen disaster resilience across Europe.

👥 Meet the DIREKTION Consortium: link

Join us on this journey to make Europe more resilient in the face of disasters.


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