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In order to identify capability gaps and challenges, FIRE-IN has organised and coordinated as set of workshops involving European fire and rescue practitioners as AE. These capability gaps and challenges have been synthesized in Common Capability Challenges, looking for commonalities between the challenges and the capabilities.


In order to encourage active conversation, facilitating individual expertise to shine, and creating concepts from a collective discussion, a world café methodology was used. A World Café or Knowledge Café is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing. Groups of AE discussed the topics in several tables, and the note takers and moderators write down the ideas. Five workshops took place and two scenarios were discussed in each one. For each scenario, about 20-25 experts voted three among thirteen topics to discuss. Every topic was discussed in three rounds.

The goal of the first round was to identify the main challenges of the scenario. In the second round, the AE worked to identify gaps, and their constraints and opportunities. Finally, the third round had as objective to identify the specific procedures, personnel, and equipment involved for each gap.