Thematic Working Group B: Structure fires crisis mitigation, prevention and protection.


  • exchanging views across borders,
  • analysing the gaps in the tools they need to operate
  • prioritising future R&D efforts

Main areas

The structure fires group will tackle the mission of extinguishing, mitigate the risk of, prevent and protect from fires involving any man-made building and structure.

Challenges to be tackled include:

Mitigation: real time intelligent warning systems; situational awareness with regard to location of people (outdoors and indoors); trustworthy fire and fire product (e.g. smoke plume ) propagation models; kit needed to safely counteract critical fires into confined spaces and high rises.

Prevention: improving emergency procedures through better understanding human behaviour; scenario building for fire and fire product propagation; impact of extinguishing systems; human behaviour simulation;

Protection: predicting fire behaviour over different materials and using different extinguishing systems; energy efficiency; fire safe building materials; intelligent fire detection systems; integration of intelligent exit signs with real time simulation of fire propagation based on detector’s data.




1st TWG-B Workshop, 14 February 2018, Rome

The first workshop for Thematic Working Group ‘B. Structural Fires Crisis Mitigation, Prevention and Protection’ took place on 14 February 2018 in Rome. The workshop was organuzed by the National Fire Corps (Corp Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco – CNNVVF) of Italy.

Fourteen experts from 10 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, and Estonia) met at the ISA premises (Istituto Superiore Antincendio). This group, representing a broad range of experiences from across Europe, worked to define the gaps that need to be filled to improve the operational capability and the personal safety of firefighters when fighting structures fires.

To explore the Common Capability Challenges the partners proposed two scenarios: high rise building fires and road tunnel fires.

These are the conclusions of the 1st TWG B Workshop:


FIREIN TWGB Workshop 'Strucutures Fires'