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🔥🌲 Highlighting DIREKTION's Engagement at CTIF General Assembly and Seminar in Oslo! 

We are thrilled to share that Fanny Verilhac from SAFE was invited by CTIF's president, Milan Dubravac to present DIREKTION at two of their events in Oslo last week:

During these sessions, Fanny engaged with a diverse audience and gathered valuable insights on critical gaps and technological needs, including:

  • Photovoltaic systems, batteries, and battery storage

  • Fire detection and data management

  • Fires involving waste containers

  • Fire safety in green buildings

  • Indoor firefighting tracking

  • Impact of climate change on fire safety

  • Hydrogen technologies

  • House insulation issues

The active participation and feedback from CTIF members were instrumental. Their insights will shape our future collaborations and initiatives.

CTIF plays a crucial role in advancing our collective efforts towards enhancing disaster resilience and fire safety. We look forward to continued interactions and collaborations with CTIF and its esteemed members.


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