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🌟 Announcement: New Deliverables Released from DIREKTION Project! 🌟

We are thrilled to announce the public release of several key deliverables from the DIREKTION project, aimed at enhancing Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS). These documents represent a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and collaboration in disaster management.

D1.1 "Assessment and Screening Framework" by TNO

  • Developed under WP1, this framework establishes robust methods for identifying capability needs and gaps in disaster resilience.

  • It provides a comprehensive guide for screening existing technologies and assessing EU Horizon project outcomes.

D1.2 "Tools for analysis and screening of solutions" from TRILATERAL

  • Focuses on the design and operationalization of a toolset essential for analyzing disaster solutions during and beyond the project's lifecycle.

  • Includes a detailed user guide and catalog of additional resources to support operational efficiency.

D1.3 "Workshops feedback to improve the operability of the method and tools" by RAN

  • Summarizes feedback from workshops evaluating the practicality and effectiveness of the DIREKTION tools.

  • Insights gathered will enhance future iterations of the D-SAT tool and associated methodologies.

🤝 Thank you to our partners and contributors for their invaluable input and support. Together, we're paving the way for a more resilient future.


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