Operational demonstrations

Operational demonstrations

PUBLIC NOTICE for participation in operational demonstrations and tests of systems, equipment and technologies innovatives for specific thematic areas and needs of interest to the national fire brigade, at the CNVVF Operational Training School in Montelibretti (Rome)

It is the intention of the Department of Fire Brigades, to carry out practical demonstrations and experimental tests in order to test systems, equipment and technologies innovatives for research, experimentation, study or development purposes, to be carried out at the Operational Training School in Montelibretti (RM) on specific thematic areas of interest of the National Fire Brigade Corps The analysis and study of innovative technologies will be carried out through the performance of tests and demonstration of the operation of the proposed systems and equipment, also simulated on real  intervention scenarios or reproduced with virtual reality.  


Participating subjects may be economic operators specialized in the sectors of interest with the requirements set out in Article 45 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 as amended or research organisations active in the areas of interest described below.  


Demonstrations and tests may concern the following types of systems, technologies and equipment:

  1. Innovative radio telecommunications technologies
  2. Improved vision in the opaque and night environment
  3. Individual safety of the firefighter operator
  4. Recovery interventions of persons who have fallen into small wells
  5. Augmented and virtual reality

  For more information visit the webpage here (in Italian)

If interested, please submit the participation form by July 22, 2022 !