National Hub

FIRE-IN introduces the National Hubs Concept. The National Hubs Concept is a proposition of FIRE-IN consortium in order to overcome the limitations of COVID-19 meetings and travelling. Instead of organizing or participating to large European or International events, a series of smaller more local (national) events will be organized by the partners of FIRE-IN for the next 6 to 8 months.

Consolidation of the outcomes at national level with dossiers on solutions & technologies accessible on eFIRE-IN but also promotion of expressed needs for new solutions and for new standards (capability challenges).

First part 

Dissemination part to present the outcomes of FIRE-IN, the network and the mechanisms to reinforce interactions between technology suppliers and practitioners

Second part

Presentation of innovative solutions and technologies developed in the country organizing the event

Next National Hub

Place and date to be annonced in the next couple of weeks !

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Poland – 2022

On the 13th of April 2022 the Main School of Fire Service and the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection – National Research Institute organized an event disseminating the results of the project “FIRE-IN: Fire and Rescue Innovation Network”.

During the conference were presented topics related to, strengths and weaknesses of technologies used during international missions, high pressure fog extinguishing and cutting system as well as simulation techniques in the teaching process for crisis management.


Marseille – 2021

The Annual Conference of the Fire-IN project during the French Fire Association Conference was used as a prototype to try the new concept of National Hub.

The agenda of the event reflected the main focus areas of the project: network building, engaging with other relevant networks and organisations, showcasing promising technologies and innovative Fire & Rescue solutions and stimulating knowledge exchange on the latest issues in the international Fire & Rescue community.

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