Key associations

Fire-IN has developped a strategic partnership with CTIF and FEU as part of the exploitation of results.

The International Association of Fire & Rescue Services


CTIF welcomes professionals and volunteers like you from around the world.  It is the only organization if its kind that brings together the people and resources you need in a non-hierarchical setting where chief and firefighter, professional and volunteer are on equal footing, appreciated by personal merits and achieve ments over title and rank. The Mission of CTIF is to work to better understand, and continuously improve, the working conditions for firefighters through ongoing dialogue, analysis and sharing of Lessons Learned from incidents, accidents and fires throughout the world. CTIF was founded in 1900 in Paris for encouraging and promoting co-operation among fire fighters and other experts in fire and rescue throughout the world. CTIF organises international conferences and competitions attended by more than 3.000 fire fighters and youth fire brigades from around the world. CTIF develops comprehensive world fire statistics by publishing annial reports which offer data on fire issues from 80 different countries and 90 capital cities.

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The Federation of EUropean Fire Officers


The FEU is a network of (European) fire officer associations or state fire services united by a (common) profile of shared beliefs, interests, and mutual trust. The FEU aims to be a strong voice for fire and rescue services. This program presents you with the opportunity to gain expert knowledge about current topics relevant to the fire services in Europe, as well as further develop your leadership and communication skills. The FEU aims to connect with career principal fire and rescue service officers in Europe to exchange best practice and collaborate with other international partners, in initiatives / projects which benefit FEU and public safety in Europe.