Involve communities in preparing population for the worst scenario before it happens


  • Clearly disseminate that responders cannot protect everybody in case of major incident.
  • Involve communities and stakeholders in pre-planning scenarios, in safety preparing and verification, and in drills and exercises.
  • Change of paradigm. From ’We, authorities, will protect you’ To ‘You, citizen, should be actively involved’.
  • Communication campaigns targeted to specific communities, with messages, exchanges and media carefully studied. Generate multi-language apps, with standardize symbology.
  • Plan and prepare the involvement of volunteers and other civil society in the emergency.
  • Manage and involve mass media. Training on means for mass information (social media, smartphones,…)
  • Be prepared for massive alerts to population
  • Educate kids and young ones.

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TACTIC project (Tools, methods And training for CommuniTIes and Society to better prepare for a Crisis) The overall aim of the TACTIC project is to increase preparedness to large-scale and cross-border disasters amongst communities and societies in Europe. To achieve this, TACTIC will consider studies on risk perception and preparedness (including good practices and preparedness programmes) in order to develop a participatory community preparedness audit enabling communities to assess, impacts in a multi-hazard context, their motivations and capacities to prepare for large-scale and/or cross-border disasters. This forms the basis for developing context-sensitive education and training strategies and practices that are embedded in an overarching long-term learning framework (including evaluation procedures) for increasing the overall prepares of communities and societies across Europe.