European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations


In 2019, the European Commission upgraded the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and created rescEU to reinforce and strengthen components of the EU’s disaster risk management. It aims to both protect citizens from disasters and manage emerging risks.
rescEU establishes a new European reserve of resources (the ‘rescEU reserve’) which includes a fleet of firefighting planes and helicopters, medical evacuation planes, as well as a stockpile of medical items and field hospitals that can respond to health emergencies.


Community for European Research and Innovation for Security


Aiming to facilitate interactions within the security research community and users of research outputs, in 2014 the Commission established the Community of Users for Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies (CoU). This informal platform included around 1,500 registered stakeholders (policy makers, end-users, academia, industry and civil society) and regularly held thematic events with the security research community.
In light of the forthcoming Horizon Europe developments between 2021-2027, the CoU has enlarged its scope to become the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS).

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International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation


IFAFRI is an organization of international government leaders from 15 countries and the European Commission, focused on enhancing and expanding the development of new technology for first responders The Forum focuses on enhancing and expanding the development of technologies to improve first responder safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. The goal for IFAFRI is to influence the global market to develop affordable, innovative solutions for responders.


Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network – European Union


Preventing, preparing for and responding to disasters requires strong cooperation, coordination at many levels and a combination of skills and expertise.
The Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network aims to strengthen the Union Civil Protection Mechanism in all these aspects. It brings together civil protection and disaster management actors to work together, collaborate and learn from each other with the objective of strengthening the EU’s overall ability and capacity to deal with disasters.
As the Knowledge Network grows and develops this online platform is going to grow with it, providing new opportunities to share knowledge and the stories of our civil protection and disaster management practitioners.

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