Forecast and simulate complex scenarios


  • Virtual reality to train responders
  • Crowd-sourcing and multiform data integration tools
  • Tools to massively alert population in real time


Possible Solutions

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INDIGO project (Innovative Training & Decision Support for Emergency operations)


innovative system integrating the latest advances in Virtual Reality, Simulation and Artificial Intelligence in order to homogenise and enhance both the operational preparedness and the management of an actual complex crisis


CBRNet FM Global CBRNet™ provides a Recognised CBRNe Picture, giving near real time vision of deployed sensors and allowing fast, effective decision making that will save lives. CBRNet™ professional staff provide clients with 24/7 operational, technical and scientific support from dedicated facilities in Leipzig, Germany. The CBRNet™ package of equipment and services is based around three core pillars of activity: operations, training, and fleet management. CBRNet™ launches today at Eurosatory in Paris (German Pavilion HG630).