Firelogue Newsletter

Firelogue Newsletter

Newsletter Firelogue, June 2023

It’s time for the second newsletter of the Firelogue project in order to keep informed and engaged with the latest developments.

You can learn more about the creation of Five Working Groups, within the Firelogue project. The Working Groups have been focusing on specific areas of research and development, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing.

They are also thrilled to introduce their new platform, “Lessons on Fire, Powered by Firelogue.” This online platform serves as a comprehensive hub, providing valuable insights, case studies, publications, events and best practices in wildfire risk management. It aims to bridge the gap between research and practice, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences among fire management professionals, policymakers, and the wider community. We encourage you to explore this platform and take advantage of the wealth of information it offers.

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