FIRE-IN what happens next ?

FIRE-IN what happens next ?

In the framework of the project, the consortium has collected a lot of resources and information that can be shared on the FIRE-IN website and platform. After the end of the project, in October 2022, the consortium discussed the necessity to keep the platform alive until we found some ways to maintain the knowledge and resources built up during the 5-years of FIRE-IN. In this context, ENSOSP volunteered to maintain both the website and the platform for a year and, as we come near the end of the first year after the end of the EC funding, we are proud to announce that FIRE-IN outcomes will live on !

Two different phases will be implemented :

– Phase 1: Partnership with the ENSOSP French National Resources and Knowledge Platform (PNRS): FIRE-IN has developed a partnership with ENSOSP (partner of FIRE-IN in charge of the dissemination) and the French National Resources and Knowledge Platform where FIRE-IN Dossiers will be disseminated, one per month until October, under a new European section of the platform. Later,  FIRE-IN database will be transferred into this European section of PNRS, where users will find useful information about European civil security and European projects.

You can access the FIRE-IN Dossier #1 here

– Phase 2: Continuation of FIRE-IN: the FIRE-IN website should be taken over by another Horizon Europe project as of October 2023!

We will keep you updated on the next and last phases of FIRE-IN.