Innovative tool – Water mist

A modern tactic of extinguishing urban rail vehicles with the use of water mist   Putting out rail vehicles is not a light, easy and pleasant task. The main threat and difficulty in the implementation of the tactical intention of the conducted action is the presence of high voltages of the overhead contact line supplying…
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Innovation – MTSRG

MTSRG – Mobile Turbine Rescue and Firefighting System   A research and development project using turbine technology for rescue and firefighting operations was initiated by the State Fire Service. The concept of using turbine engines in fire protection for such events as great fires of forests, large-volume facilities and technological installations, especially in the petrochemical…
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National Hub

The National Hubs Concept is a proposition of FIRE-IN consortium in order to overcome the limitations of COVID-19 meetings and travelling. Instead of organizing or participating to large European or International events, a series of smaller more local (national) events will be organized by the partners of FIRE-IN.   Innovation and new technologies in Rescue…
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