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May 2017 to October 2022


About the project


The work in the project is organized in 3 phases: first – the identification of the capability gaps, experienced and expressed by the Fire & Rescue practitioners. The gaps are formulated as challenges to be solved by the research and industry. In the second phase the project partners review ongoing and planned R&D projects and suggest promising solutions, addressing the gaps. During the third phase the project will establish an interactive cooperation with the research and industry and request proposals for the new R&D. The responses will be evaluated by the Associated Experts. Finally the project will provide recommendations for the European Strategic Research and Standardisation Agenda on Security.

Delivering solutions for safer European societies

The frequency and scope of natural disasters are increasing worldwide. Together with the high societal expectations for security and the increased concerns for health and safety of the responders,
it presents new challenges for the Fire & Rescue, research, innovation and standardisation communities. The ultimate objective of the FIRE-IN project is to raise the security level of the EU citizens by improving the Fire & Rescue services capabilities to address various forms of hazards, natural or manmade.

15 European Partners working together

To create, improve, animate and develop the first european Fire & Rescue Network, delivering solutions for safer European societies:

Improve the Fire & Rescue sevices capabilities.

Develop process by fostering innovation.

Promote cutting edges solutions to recognise operational needs.







5 Thematics Working Groups

for the Associated Experts community including key thematic practitioner experts from public, private, NGOs bodies and representative of thematic working groups from existing network.

Associated Experts Community

The project’s success relies on the active participation of experts. FIRE-IN Associated Experts community is a dynamic and constantly growing network, which includes professionals from the whole Europe and beyond, representing practitioners, research and technology organizations, industry and standardisation bodies, policy makers and other fire and rescue stakeholders.



Standardisation bodies


R&D societies


Research and Technology Organizations


Policy Makers